Brigadier: I have a lot of questions.
Doctor: It’s no good to ask me questions. I’ve lost my memory, you see.
Brigadier: How do I know you’re not an impostor?
Doctor: You don’t, you don’t. Only I know that. What do you think of my new face? I wasn’t too sure about it myself. It sort of grows on you. Very flexible, you know. Could be useful on planet Delphon, where they communicate with their eyebrows. That’s strange. How did I remember that?
Brigadier: If I accept all that, there are still a lot of things… By the way, this is Miss Shaw.
Doctor: (looks at her and moves his eyebrows a lot) That’s Delphon for “how do you do”.

Classic Who Watch | Spearhead From Space

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    Can you believe I missed Liz Shaw altogether when I first watched Three as a child? I finally rectified this a couple of...
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    ^ TRUTH. I mean I pretty much ship Three with everyone and everything, but this OT3 so does it for me.
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    Third Doctor + Brigadier + Liz Shaw = OT3 of awesomeness
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    I adore the Eyebrows bit. Eleven would have problems on Delphon, I can’t help but notice.
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